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Seedr is cloud downloader which is capable of downloading torrents for you from their IP address, which provides you with a layer of protection and anonymity from tracking your download. This feature also can unblock some geolocation blocked content, but it won’t work in all cases. <iframe src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay” allowfullscreen></iframe>
Landing page of Seedr
You can add torrents by magnet link, a direct link to a .torrent file or with uploading your .torrent file to their storage. Usage of info hashes is currently not supported. The direct upload is the fastest method and magnet links take more time (which means it is the slowest of them), but it is bearable, and it doesn’t ruin your user experience.

Fetching process

Sometimes you will have a faster fetching, which is done by copy and pasting files between user’s accounts. That means if you download some other download as well, your speed will be slightly better in exchange for sharing your files. Download process After fetching, your file will be stored in your cloud storage. You can access it on almost every mobile device and a lot of monitors. The design is simple to use and is user-friendly. Seedr also has created a mandatory tutorial for all its users, which will help you using this storage. Sometimes your store might be full, and you will have wanted to add a new torrent. You can download files to your personal computer. The speed of this download depends on the connection between your computer and Seedr servers. This connection is sometimes worse, and in a few geolocations, you will have a small speed drops. These locations mainly include East Asia region, which was tested via VPN and I alternated a lot of places for this claim.
The main features
Overall this speed doesn’t hurt, but it is not the best one. I strongly recommend using some download manager because I experienced that downloading larger files without the manager has a lot of issues. Right now, it sadly doesn’t have an FTP/SFTP or FTPS access that could serve as a workaround for the small problems with larger files, or it could be used for streaming on TV via some FTP/SFTP/FTPS server. Unfortunately, there is no support for TVs at all now.


Speaking of supported features, Seedr created a Chrome browser extension. With it, you can simplify your torrent downloading. Go to the tracker of your choice and then use a right-click on a torrent link to download. This operation saves around three clicks on one download. The only supported browser is Chrome, which is the most used one. Seedr has a free plan and three premium options. The free plan has a lot of limitations, but it is great for testing this torrent downloader. With Free you will have 2 GB of storage, no access to an antivirus scan, no HD streaming and Seedrs customer support will answer your question within three days.
Seedr - pricing


In conclusion, I would rate Seedr speed as 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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